Top 05 Best Apollo Led Grow lights Reviews For Indoor Gardeners

With the spread of the indoor growing, LEDs have become very popular in this industry. There are many companies providing LED grow lights to this market, and Apollo Company is just one of the many. Apollo LED Grow Lights are very popular where full spectrum lighting for indoors places is a concern. The grow lights are considered to be the best effective alternative to the HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting like High Sodium Bulbs, Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Metal Halide.

These Grow Lights normally use low operating temperatures helping the farmer save cash by removing the unnecessary extra expenses of complex air and heat exchange system. This, in turn, saves the user by reducing the consumption of electricity while comparing to the cost the user will incur while using other indoor horticultural lighting technics.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, the lights provide custom made and specific light spectrum for the plants designed to provide more bio-available light wavelengths used mainly during photosynthesis. But there are many releases in the market, but we have reviewed the best ones. Below are some of the top 5 Apollo LED Grow Lights currently available in the market:

1. Apollo-8 360w grow light

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One thing that makes this grow light stands out is the fact that it’s designed with 3W high-quality LEDs. It is known that 3w LEDs produce the minimal amount of heat and this is what makes these lights among the coolest. You can lower them a few inches to the plants with worrying about excess heat.

They are designed with a Revolutionary heat dissipation design to ensure that the room is kept cool at a minimal cost. They are designed with a lifespan of over 50000 hours, and thus you will enjoy them for a longer time. The light penetration is also outstanding due to the built-in optical lenses.

• High energy efficiency
• Excellent light penetration
• Easy to install

• Some LEDs might fail with time
• It’s not waterproof

2. Apollo-10 450w Grow Plant Light

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Apollo-10 450w uses 3w high-quality LEDs, and this is what makes it popular with the growers. With these LEDs, it becomes very easy to control the amount of heat in the room since they produce a small amount of heat. Contains a full light spectrum of Red which is 660nm+630nm perfect for plant blossoming, fruiting and budding and blue which is 475nm+430nm effective for plant photosynthesis and steady growth. The light is designed with optical lenses for outstanding penetration.

• Excellent cooling system
• Excellent spectrum
• Excellent illumination

• LEDs might start deeming with time
• Blur light is dangerous for the eyes

Best Apollo Led Grow lights Reviews infograph
Best Apollo Led Grow lights Reviews infograph

3. Apollo-12 540w Grow Light

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With 50000 hours, this is one of the lights that will serve for a very long time. They are designed with 3-watt high-quality LEDs, and this is what makes it stand out from the common grow lights. With these LEDs, the light does not produce significant heat that will need numerous fans to be installed in the rooms.

The Grow Light is designed with a full spectrum that can support the best indoor growth of plants . The light is designed with a revolutionary heat dissipation mechanism to ensure that minimum heat id produced to the surrounding. The input voltage is mainly 100- 240 AC Voltage, and thus it will not be affected by the power fluctuations.

• Longer useful life
• Produces small amount of heat
• Environmentally friendly

• Initial installation is expensive

4. Apollo-16 720w Grow Light

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With its 10 bands full spectrum, this is the perfect light that you need for fast and yields. The spectrum range is 380 nm -730nm and this makes it among the best grow lights in the market. In fact, this is one of the lights has received some of the best reviews for providing quality and full light spectrum that support proper growth of plants.

With around 720 watts, it provides the best light intensity to promote photosynthesis for growth and blooming. The panel is designed with a powerful cooling system inside that quiet and cool in operation. The heat aluminium PCB ensures that the panel runs 80% cooler than the high-intensity discharge.

• High energy efficiency
• User-friendly
• Longer lifespan of

• IR and UV can be a health hazard to the grower
• The light is not water resistant

5. Apollo-18 810w grow light

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Just like the most of the Apollo grow light, it uses 3W high-quality LEDs. With these LEDs producing less heat, it comes very easy to regulate the amount of heat in the rooms. The panels have a lifespan of 50000h hours, and thus you will enjoy it for long. The light is capable of producing a full spectrum (380-730nm) making it perfect for a wide range of plants.

The light comes with an optical lens that improves the penetration of light significantly. The lens can be twisted with the angle of 90 degrees or 120 to ensure that maximum light intensity reaches the plant. With more than 810 power watts and 11660 Lm, it’s a great light panel to install for indoor farming. The panel is designed with revolutionary heat dissipation, and it’s very efficient in energy consumption.
• Extended life span
• Quiet in operation
• Supports growth for all stages

• Blue light can cause blindness
• High initial cost

From the above 5 apollo led grow lights you can buy any one.