About me

Interested in learning a little bit more about this site, and more importantly, who created it? I’m glad to share! Here’s some of the most important information you need to know.

1. Who Am I?

My name is Kabir and I’m the admin of this website. I have always enjoyed writing and sharing information, so blogging has been a natural hobby for me. After all, what better way to share information with those who need to know something? Even if I’m able to help just a few people, my job has been done. However, because I really love being an admin, I am always working to reach as many people as I can.

While I do a lot of typing on my favorite topics, I do not work alone. I have a stellar team that works alongside me to bring information to you in an easy-to-read manner. My team also uploads reviews and other articles with lightning speed, so there’s always something new to read. Many members of my team also do a lot of writing, so you might notice different styles of writing as you read through the various articles. This was important to me because having different points of views is one of the best ways to create content that is useful to our visitors!

2. Why Should You Trust Us?

There are thousands of websites related to the content that we share, so why should you trust us? There are many reasons, beginning with our approach to writing articles. We never throw anything together in order to have something for you to read. Each and every article is well researched and thought out before it’s ultimately typed and edited. On average, it takes several hours just to create one article that is shared with you. While this is more time, it’s worth it for better quality content.

In addition to this, we create articles that are based on actual experiences from other people. We have found that this makes our articles far more useful so you can save time and find exactly what you need.

3. Why Do I Help You?

I help the readers of this site because I know how exhausting it can be to sift through all of the websites that are out there. While some of them have some really great content, others are a waste of time and not worth reading. By doing the research for you, I save you time and I learn something myself! This is a topic that I’m passionate about and I think the research I do brings a lot to my readers. I love to share, I love to learn, and I hope that everything you read helps you in some way!

Is there something you want to know about grow lights? Don’t hesitate to let me know! I have made it a priority to maintain a lot of activity on this site because I have created such a large base of daily users. Whether you’re an avid indoor gardener or just do this on occasion, you’ll always find content here that is useful.