Indoor farming is the current trend in the world today. Most people say that it is expensive, but if you use the right LEDs, you will gain much. Depending on what you want to grow, you can find cost-effective and affordable LED lights that will work according to your needs. For instance, 45 watts led grow lights are affordable, and they may be used in several applications and condition. If you are planning to grow greens, cloning and veggies in both small and large scale, led grow lights will help. Here is a guide that will help you in finding the right 45 watts led grow light that will fit your needs.

45 watts led grow light buying guide

When looking a good 45 watt led to your indoor lighting, you need to look at some features. Below are some tips that will help you out.

• Quality of light that the LED light will produce
• Durability and the shelf life that you expect from the LED light
• Cost of the LED light that you want to buy
• Size and the surface area that your LED will cover
• Application of the LED light and your personal needs

Having seen what to look for when searching for a good 45watt led light, below are the top five LED light that works at 45 watts.

1. AeroGarden LED light panel

AeroGarden LED light panel is a multipurpose LED light that can either be hanged or tilled. It has the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees for the application. The customizable tilting gives your plants light from all angles.

For convenience, you will get a hanging kit, and it stands packed together. The stands are adjustable thus giving you the chance to adjust the height as the plants grow tall. It has the power to run for up to 30000 hours which gives you low operation cost. If you are starting your indoor farming, this is the best 45-watt panel to start with.

2. The Venoya Full Spectrum LED Light



At different growing stages, plants need different wavelengths of light. The Venoya Full Spectrum LED Light gives your growing crops and plants the light they need at different stages of growth. The panel produces all types of light for UV, Red, Blue and IR light.

The LED panel can be used in all environments from growing boxes to greenhouses. The wide application of this LED light allows it to be applied in the growing of all types of plants and crops that you may need. Despite all its wide application, it is energy saving and affordable.

Lastly, the LED light is made in a square form with a self-cooling mechanism. It is also easy to assemble with any additional tool. A one year warranty gives you a chance to replace it and get your money back.

3. Roleadro LED Grow Bulb Light


The Roleadro LED Grow Bulb Light is the current in the market which comes with 117 pieces of LED bulbs that produce blue and red light. They are good for following and vigorous growing plants due to its power to enhance photosynthesis.

With its good and well-arranged lights, the bulbs can lead to the improvement of the growing cropping giving them the power to grow leaves and flowers. It can be suspended at about 18 or 48 feet above the ground covering a surface area of 7 to 8 feet square.

Through it has a low power consumption, it gives out an efficient luminous that that is good for your crops. The aluminum alloy that makes the inner plate gives out light is suitable for your crops. With that light, you can expect a lifespan of about 50000 hours.

If you buy it today, you will get a warranty that will last for one year. You will also get one month for your money back guarantee.
45w led grow light review infographic

45w led grow light review infographic



The VINTAGE GROWLED lights provides the perfect indoor light that has a strong and bright impact on growing plants. Each watt that is produced from this grow light counts. While using this grow light, you will save a lot of money but still get the same qualities of light that you need for your quick growing crops. In a matter of months, you will have returned the money you used to buy it.

The grow light produces less heat thus no need of providing additional cooling facilities which will add expenses to your budget. That means that the grow light can be located near the plants thus giving the plants high PAR value.
Due to its high PAR value, this Grow light is good all types of growing vegetative crops. It is designed to penetrate the canopy of your crops thus give you the light results.

5. Root Farm Grow LED Light

If you want to grow your plants and crops from planting to harvesting, the Root Farm Grow LED Light will give you wide variety of light that can do so. It will produce the wavelength that is needed for seed germination, flowering, and even harvesting. With the power consumption of 45 watts, you can grow all types of crops all-round the year without fear.

The design that comes with this grows LED light is versatile thus adapting the growing of your plants at all stages. The light it produces is good for all indoor plants. It consumes less power but produces the correct light for growing crops.



A good 45 watt led grow light will function like any other type of LED light that you may get in the market. The above mentioned LED lights produce low temperatures that need no more cooling. They are good for growing leafy greens that need less light and low temperatures. As the name suggests, the 45 watts led grow light will use less power. Their light is clean due to the absence of metals that may produce metal particles due to heating. In addition to that, most of the above-LED lights are made in a way that is easy to handle, install and fix.