Top 7 Best 1500 Watt Led Grow Light Review Of The Top Rated

The 1500 watt led grow light provides lights with amazing features that will instantly light the room. If you were wondering which lights to buy or with what capacity, here are some suggestions that can help you decide.Some using tips regarding these lights

You need to setup the lighting time at 12-14 hours, while the flowering stage should be 9-12 hours exposed to the light. If you are growing fruits, the time should be 7-8 hours and the distance of these plants in the growing house should be 1.2-2 meters.


01.Top 7 best 1500w led grow light reviews
01.01.Phlizon Brand 1500 Watt LED Grow Light with Cree COB Review
01.02.Famurs Brand 1500 Watt LED Grow Light Review
01.03.Roleadro Brand 1500 Watt Grow Light Review
01.04.Morsen Full Spectrum 1500W Equivalent LED Grow Light
01.05.King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light 
01.06.BESTVA 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light
01.07.4.Yueme 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
02.1500w led grow light yield
03.1500w led grow light electric bill
04.1500w led grow light coverage

Top 7 best 1500w led grow light Reviews

01. Phlizon Brand 1500 Watt LED Grow Light with Cree COB Review



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This is arguably the best 1500 watt led grow light on our list for new growers. You don’t just get a power cable and hanging kit. You can even adjust the height of the grow light rather easily. It also has a digital thermometer for monitoring the temperature of your grow tent or seedling tray.

This is an affordable full spectrum grow light. It doesn’t just have red and blue grow lights. It also has two UV and two infrared light bulbs. The Cree chip on board LEDs are more energy efficient than a mere row of LEDs. This gives the Phlizon grow lights the highest light output per watt of power in its class.

It pulls about 300 watts. However, it is described as equivalent to a 1500 watt HPS light. The biggest issue is that it is closer in performance to a 650-750 watt HPS light.

It covers a three foot by three foot area, if you’re entirely replacing natural light. In this case, it will be hung at an elevation of 24 inches. With sun-loving plants or plants in bloom, it will only serve a 2.5 foot by 2.5 foot area. It can provide supplemental light for a 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot area.

What issues does this grow light have? If the unit is defective, it is almost impossible to get replacement parts or customer service. These units don’t have anywhere near the ten to fifty thousand hour life expectancies they’re listed as having. It will run for anywhere from six months to two years, assuming it isn’t overloaded or doesn’t get too hot.

The grow light generates modest amounts of heat. It has fans to prevent heat buildup. If the fan goes out, you may lose half the lights due to the board getting too hot. Have good ventilation around the grow light to minimize the risk of failures, because once one or two LEDs go out, you’re at risk of cascading failures until half the lights are dead.


  • Everything you need out of the box
  • Easy to adjust the height


  •  Prone to failure if it gets hot
  • No support or maintenance options


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02. Famurs Brand 1500 Watt LED Grow Light Review


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This model by Famurs can be daisy chained. This makes it a better choice for larger growing operations. Note that you shouldn’t daisy chain more than three of the 1500 watt models together, plugged into the same power outlet.

It allows you to shift from red-dominant to blue-dominant light at the touch of a button. Or you can let it put out broad spectrum red-blue-white light for plants.

Review the PPFM data from the manufacturer to determine if the light output matches what your plants need. We have to give this manufacturer points for being both honest and forthright with this critical information. The downside is that the 1500 watt label is nowhere near the actual performance. It is closer to a 750 watt HPS light, not a 1500 watt one.

This is one of the best 1500 watt led grow light for new growers, because it comes with everything you need out of the box. For example, it comes with hanging hardware, power cables and protective glasses.

Power surges reset the timer built into the grow light. The remote control that lets you control the lights on command often doesn’t work at all. The controller settings are limited. For example, you can simply turn it on and off on a schedule or run it on a 16 hour on, 8 hour off schedule. You can’t set it for an 18/6 schedule.

The chip on a board design of this grow light results in lower energy consumption, lower heat production and consistent lighting than other LED designs. This model has advanced aluminum heat sinks that prevent the light from overheating. That makes this one of the better choices for use inside a grow tent with heat sensitive plants.

The modest price tag comes with modest performance. The grow light is advertised as theoretically lasting through five years of continual use. In reality, it often dies after six to twelve months of continual use. In some cases, the control board or one of the COB boards doesn’t work out of the box. Customer service avoids replacements or repair. And that’s aside from the occasional stories of the unit not working out of the box, though the company is more likely to exchange it at that point.


  • Can be daisy chained
  • Has everything you need out of the box
  • PPFM data is publicly available to any consumer


  • Shorter working life than expected
  •  Quality issues across the board


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03. Roleadro Brand 1500 Watt Grow Light Review


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This grow light weighs around eight pounds. This model can be daisy-chained, whereas the 1000 watt model cannot. This does require a proprietary power cord you can only get from the manufacturer. However, the power cord that plugs into the wall works with any power outlet.

The manufacturer says it is a full-spectrum grow light. In reality, it puts out mostly red light. That’s not a good choice for those trying to help plants in the vegetative stage. It works better in the flowering phase or for providing supplemental light for indoor plants.

It has a built-in temperature controller. This automatically shuts the light off when things get too hot. That’s on top of the cooling fans and heat sinks. One downside is that the timer doesn’t recognize this, so if the grow light gets too hot, you may not realize your plants aren’t getting enough light.

The concentrator lenses focus light for plants directly underneath the grow light, but you have to be careful that they don’t get burned.

This model has issues with lights slowly going out over time. You might lose half a dozen LED light bulbs in the first few months. If cascading failures start, plan on buying a replacement. If the lights start flickering or blinking, it may last a while longer. All of this adds up to a grow light that only puts out full light for six months to a year before dying in many cases.


  • Can be daisy-chained
  • Doesn’t overheat


  • Not enough blue light for full-spectrum light
  •  Modest life expectancy


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04.Morsen Full Spectrum 1500W Equivalent LED Grow Light Review

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This is highly efficient 100W double LEDs that will save the energy and the led grow light and is excellent replacement for HID/HPS/MH. The power is 1500 watts and the consumption of the actual power is 340 watts.

It contains full spectrum of red which is in the range of 630-660 nm, in the white is 6500K 3500K while the UV is 380 nm. It also has wavelength that is proper and can be used in some areas where you are growing plants or where flowers are blooming.


  • It saves the energy and can be durable up to 50,000 hours.
  • It is used in the greenhouses, flower farming, plant factory, greenhouse farming, water soluble breeding, indoor gardens, grow tent, pipeline cultivation, potted plants, farm, in the tissue culture in the spray plants and many more applications.


  • After few months few unit may be inactive.
  • May be face problem in power cord after few months.


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05.King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light Review

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This is also one of the best growing lights that has the power of 1500W. It is brighter and more efficient and has implemented the newest chip technology.

The consummation of the power is 260W while the heat is very low, appropriate for grow house. There is also cooling system that is very efficient and some holes on the led board which provide dissipation of the heat.

The lifespan of the light is 50,000 hours and the color ratio is similar like the sunlight, which includes white, red, blue, orange and IR. The light is ideal for all growth phases and can be used in breeding, sowing, cultivation in greenhouse, pipeline cultivation, etc.


  • The product also has 3 years warranty, is of the best price and is ideal for every growing house.
  • It provides better condition for the plants where they can grow better and improves the photosynthesis.


  • You may get the broken light after shipping.
  • Price is little bit more.


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06.BESTVA 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light

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This product uses the newest technology and it has implemented the double chips which makes the LEDs much brighter and efficient. It is high in lumens and low in heat, while the spectrum is 1500W.

It can be like the natural sunlight and contains built-in cooling system. There are holes on the aluminum panel which provide excellent heat conversion, lower intensity and cooler environment.


  • This type of light is appropriate for the flowers, plants and vegetables and is intended for every phase.
  • Excellent heat conversion.


.Few light unit may be deactivate after few months.


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07.Yueme 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

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The Yueme brand provides excellent LEDs that are designed of full spectrum from 1500W. They can be used to accelerate the growth of the plants and the flowers and it is definitely one of the best products. There are also COB LEDs integrated and the consummation of power is 256W.

There are holes on the led board that offer prevention of overheating and cooling the environment. The company has own research team and team of professionals that are developing products at affordable price. It has 2 years of warranty and 30 days return due date after the purchase.

It has 5pcs 300w integrated COB leds .It’s spectrum 380 to 800 nm. You can use this light to grow any indoor plant.


  • It is suitable for every growing phase of the plant and can be used literally everywhere where you grow the plants.
  • Energy-saving product.


  • Some LEDs might fail with time
  • It is not water proof.


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1500w LED Grow Light Yield

Calculating the 1500W LED grow light yield isn’t straightforward because this largely depends on several unique factors. The biggest factor would be the plants you’re growing because each grows at its own rate, so one plant might grow incredibly fast while another might need some extra time and attention.

Another factor includes the grow light itself. For example, the number of chips will increase how much light can be delivered to the growing area. A double-chip grow light will produce a higher yield than a single-chip light. You’ll also want to take advantage of using flowering and vegetating lights if available because this can increase overall yield.

You also must ensure that the plants are adequately hydrated, that they are planted in optimal soil and that the LED light is kept on long enough to produce optimal growth. Speaking of optimal growth, full spectrum LED grow lights usually produce the best growing conditions, which can also affect your harvest.

With all that in mind, the best 1500W LED grow light will often yield around 1g to 1.5g per watt, so you can expect about 1,500g to 2,250g per harvest. Please be aware that this figure depends on your plant and growing conditions, but if everything is right, then you should achieve this level of growth.

You’ll find that this is much higher than other grow light technologies, like HPS lights. These usually only grow about 0.5g per watt, so you’re getting three times the growth with a lower utility bill. There’s really nothing better.

1500w LED Grow Light Electric Bill

There is no static answer for how much your 1500W LED grow light electric bill will cost because utility costs are different throughout the world and they consistently change. There is a way to determine how much the grow light will cost by understanding the factors involved.

You’ll have to know how much wattage the lights are pulling, how much power costs in your area and how long the light will be on. The best 1500W grow lights will commonly pull between 250W to 300W per hour. Next up is kW/h, or kilowatts per hour cost. This means how much you are charged per every 1,000 watts. Common costs are around $0.12 to $0.15 kW/h but check your utility bill for an accurate number.

Lastly is the number of hours you keep the light on per day. Now all you must do is divide the wattage pulled by 1,000, then multiply that number with the kW/h cost and the number of hours and you’ll have the cost per day.

1500w LED Grow Light Coverage

Every LED grow light is different based on how many chips are present and the unique output of your specific 1500W grow light, but there is a general coverage area you can expect from most of the grow lights at this strength. You should be able to achieve a vegetative coverage area of about 5’x5’ and a flowering coverage of around 4.5’x.4.5’.

Depending on what you are growing, this will generally cover about 10 plants. Many people believe that you can increase the flowering coverage slightly to 5’x5’ by raising the grow light a few inches. Some 1500W grow lights may do more while others may do less. Stronger chips will usually provide slightly better coverage.

If you need a larger area, then you can usually daisy chain several grow lights together to create a whole network of lights. This allows you to dramatically increase the coverage area to meet your needs.

1500 watt led grow light info graph