Top 05 Best 15 Watt Led Grow Lights (Updated 2018)review for You

Fifteen watt grow lights are ideal for nurturing small gardens. They may supplement the light received by a kitchen counter garden or provide the light plants in your aquarium need to thrive. The best LED grow lights provide the light your plants need for strong growth without overheating them or burning them. Here are the top 5 best 15 Watt LED grow lights we’ve found. We’ll share the pros and cons of each model and the ideal application for each 15 Watt LED grow light.

01.Lovebay Three Headed LED Grow Light


This affordable little three headed LED grow light allows you to position each head at a different location and angle. It is perfect for providing supplementary light for specific problem areas. Each head has its own control switch, so you can have one, two or all three lights on.

The 15 Watt grow lights contain 9 red lights and 6 blue lights. This provides the perfect mix of red light for encouraging seedlings and leaf growth and blue light to ensure strong supporting stems and overall plant health.
One benefit of this grow light is that it doesn’t put out extra heat.

You can have it right next to lower levels of blooms or on top of seedlings without hurting them. The attachment clip allows you to mount it to window sills or the side of a planter instead of trying to find a flat surface.

The only issue that’s regularly reported is bulbs sometimes going out soon after purchase, though you can return the grow light under its surprisingly long warranty.


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03.YouThink Brand 15 Watt Grow Light


This 15 Watt grow light has three heads that you can turn on and off individually. Where this grow light stands out is the dimmer switch that it comes with, a rather unique feature for this product class. There is a cheaper non-dimmable version by the same manufacturer, though you want the versatility the dimmer switch provides. It means you can have not just one, two or three lights on but set them at partial or full light as required.

This grow lamp’s flexible heads and broad spectrum light is perfect for succulents, supplementary lighting for window gardens, and targeted lighting in indoor greenhouses, sprouts, seedlings and blooming plants. It puts out both red light and blue light. It has a decent four foot long power cord, and the clamp allows you to put the lamp almost anywhere.

The only possible downside of this model is its greater heat output, but that makes it a good choice for both warming and lighting plants by a cold window or out on the balcony. Just don’t leave the lamp itself expose to rain and sleet. Another issue is run-time. Because these grow lights do get warmer than others, you cannot leave it on for 12 hours straight. The manufacturer says eight hours a day is the maximum it should be run per day.


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02.Aokey Brand 15 Watt Grow Light

The Aokey brand 15 Watt grow lamp has a single strong head mounted on a flexible gooseneck. You can move it in nearly any direction. This is a full-spectrum grow lamp, putting out light from the red spectrum to the ultraviolent spectrum.

This grow lamp is suited for every stage of plant growth and safe to use with nearly every plant, though it won’t be enough for sun-loving blooms to be happy. It is best used with plants that need supplementary light whether seedlings, blooming plants you want to delay, vegetables or potted plants.

This grow lamp generates relatively little heat and dissipates all of that rather well. However, it needs to be at least two feet from the plant to avoid sun-burning it with the UV light it generates.


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04.Pemenol LED Grow Light

The Pemenol LED grow light is another affordable three headed 15 Watt grow light. The grow lamp has three separate heads and a separate control switch for each. Each lamp head has a 5 Watt bulb that provides mostly red light perfect for stimulating seedlings and leaf growth. This lamp doesn’t generate ultraviolet light, so it is safe to have out where the kids might see it. It doesn’t generate excess heat, so it cannot overheat your plants.

If you want just red and blue supplementary light for your plants, this is the best little 15 Watt grow lamp for your needs. The thick padding on the clip makes it ideal for attaching to the side of a desk or fish tank without marring the surface. The 50,000 service life allows you to set it and forget about it.

The manufacturer has a thirty day no questions asked return policy, and they replace the lamp if the unit fails as long as it isn’t due to human mistakes.

This means that they’ll replace it if the bulbs go out two weeks after you got it, but they’ll know if you broke them because you dropped the lamp and won’t send a replacement in that case.
One downside of this model is how sharp the metal edges of the lamp heads are. They aren’t polished and smoothed as you’d find on more expensive grow lamps.

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 04.LEDMEI Brand Grow Lamps


This 15 Watt grow lamp is different from the others on this list because it has a flat stand. This is the type of grow lamp you need to stand next to your garden when there is no frame, shelf or surface to attach a clip to. This grow lamp has the standard 9 red lights 6 blue lights configuration. This combination is ideal for blooming plants, seedlings and sprouts.

It can work as supplementary light for office plants, window herb gardens and autumn blooms. While you could use it to encourage plant growth in an aquarium, don’t let it get wet. It doesn’t put out excess heat or ultraviolet light, so it is safe to use anywhere. The lights themselves are rated to last 50,000 hours.

Like the Pemenol brand grow light, the lamp head’s edges are sharp and pose a potential hazard. Be careful when taking it out of the packaging or when setting it up.

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