Top 4 Best 130 Watt Led Grow Lights Review For Indooor Garden

130 Watt Led Grow lights:

Today, professional gardeners have discovered the benefits of using the 130 watt led grow lights. They are perfect for growing indoor plants due to their environmental friendly features. On the other hand, they are extremely quiet, have a substantial lifespan and require little maintenance. The led grow lights come at a pocket friendly price. Let’s have a look at the 4 best 130 watt led grow lights in details.

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04. Full spectrum 130W UFO LED Grow light 


It features a beautiful stylish design. It’s convenient to carry and easy to use. It’s a new entrant in the market. According to the manufacturer, the LED grow light is perfect for growing vegetable and flowering plants. It’s one of the most energy efficient 130 watt led grow lights in the market today. It saves up to 80% of energy.

In addition; it features a beam angle of 180 degrees. Further, it weighs 0.8 kg which makes it portable. The Full spectrum comes with 132leds and a quality fan so, you don’t require extra cooling. It aids in decreasing the growth cycle and increases plant yields. The LED grow light can be used in greenhouses, pipeline cultivation, horticulture and indoor plants growing.


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02. Derlight 130W mini UFO led Grow Light



Derlight comes with full spectrum of 132 LEDs which include; 78pcs red light, 10pcs white light, 33pcs blue light, 6pcs UV and 4pcs IR. It has a built-in fan which eliminates excess heat. The aluminum shell has a diameter of 6.9 inches and a thickness of 2.5 inches.

The lamp has a unique capacitor which keeps it working even if one LED is out of work. What distinguishes the Derlight from other 130 watt led grow lights is the high quality IC and well designed fan blades. It’s bright, environmental friendly and saves up to 80% of energy. The led grow light is available at a pocket friendly price.


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01. LVJING 130W MINI UFO LED Grow light panel 

 It features full spectrum of 132 LED which includes 91pcs red light, 30pcs blue light, 6pcs white light, 5pcs UV and 6pcs IR. The blue wavelength facilitates the growth of plants while the red one helps plants to sprout and flower. It also comes with a built-in quiet cooling fan which aids in heat dissipation.

The LED grow light panel gives the best lighting time of 10-12 hours. This is one of the most energy efficient 130 watt led grow lights for shortening the growth cycle of plants.

The environmental impact of the 130 watt led grow lights is promising. The new trend in gardening has become popular due to the low amount of energy used to power them. It’s time to discover the benefits of indoor gardening with the LED growing systems.

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03. Hanging hydroponic Plant Flowering Lamp 130W LED Grow light

It comes with 132pcs led beads; 77 red, 33 blue, 11 white, 5UV and 6IR.It’s made of high quality material and is environmental friendly. Likewise, it’s super bright and has high luminous efficiency. The LED grow light is hanged over the plant which makes it perfect for indoor gardening, greenhouse planting and flower planting.

It has a beam angle of 120 degrees and a lifespan of 50,000 lighting hours. The package includes 1 LED grow light, 1 power cord and 1 hanging wire. Plants are able to thrive without sunshine even at night.