Top 5 Best 120 Watt Led Grow Lights Review For Your Plants

120 Watt Led Grow Lights

Indoor farmers use LED lights to provide plants with the vital light they need. Today, the 120 watt led grow lights has taken over fluorescent bulbs thanks to the brilliant technology. They give more light per watt which makes them energy efficient. The efficiency level remains the same regardless of low small or big the LED light is. Let’s look at the top 5 best 120 watt led grow lights;

01. Derlight 120watt led grow light




The Led grow light gives plants an extra boost in production. They feature 120 power wattage and best lighting time of 8-12hrs. They are suitable for all stages of plant growth. Derlight consume low power and have long service life of more than 50,000 lighting hours.

Further, they have no infrared ray and emit low heat making them environmental friendly. The LED grow light is perfect for plant breeders, greenhouse plants and is commonly used by plant enthusiasts.

This light have FULL SPECTRUM 36pcs High-efficiency leds. Uder this light most Plants grow more than  three times faster than other led lights. The web length Wavelengths are fine tuned to perfection as red (625nm, 630nm) and blue (445nm, 470nm) which are perfect for plants growth and development.

It’s 140 degree ultra-wide angle beam covers more efficiently 16 feet diameter of area of your indoor garden. You can use it in aquaponics and hydroponics system.

You will get 1 year warranty so no tension. You can choose this light for your plants.


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02. CF GROW 45 watt led grow light

CF GROW is researching and developing the LED Grow lights for indoor plants.They produces many lights but this 120 watt led grow light is one of the best lights of this company.this light has 24 leds which are full spectrum.

You can grow any plants like vegetables ,flowering and herb under this cover 4 sq feet area so you can easily grow 3 to 4 plants .You can grow any type of indoor plant under it.

It features red and blue wavelength. The blue wavelength of 400nm ~ 520nm helps the plants to grow while the red wavelength of 610nm ~ 720nm helps plants sprout and flower. The LED configuration is 234 Blue pcs and 1131 Red pcs. It gives the best lighting time of 8-12 hrs.

It can be used in pipeline cultivation and greenhouses. Likewise, it can be used during the winter months when daylight hours are short. It’s designed in a way that no extra cooling systems are needed. You can expect high yields using less electricity. It’s one of the most reliable 120 watt led grow lights.


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03. Philips 120-Watt BR40 Agro light bulb


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It originates from china. The bulb provides spectrum of light to accelerate growth of indoor plants. It features a BR30 bulb shape, 120 watts and 120 volts. It’s designed to fit in standard home lighting fixtures. It can also be used in recessed cans.

one customer review of this light

“Usually, you get a B30 bulb for basking, but since our house is sold cold, I upgraded to B40, and our little booger loves it! Color is nice and makes her “room” look natural. And looking forward to eventually getting live, potted plants for her, so this should help. I can’t speak on longevity since we just got it, plus it’s normal to replace all bulbs for chameleons about every 6 months.”


05. LVJING 120W LED Grow Light Panel


As one of the best120 watt led grow lights, it features an ABS plastic material molding and 3 built-in power supplies. It gives a high luminous efficiency saving more than 70% of power. The grow light panel emits red and blue light wavelength .

The wavelength band range for red light is 630~660nm which is suitable for blooming while the wavelength band range for blue light is 430~450nm which is suitable for promoting leaf growth and photosynthesis. No extra parts are needed to hang and install. The panel is suitable when a plant needs an extra boost of light, when it’s raining or in a dark environment. It gives more than 50,000 of lighting hours and comes with 1 year warranty.

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06. Ourkens 225 pcs LED Red Blue Indoor Garden Plant Grow Light

It saves more than 80% of energy. On the other hand, 90% of the light emitted is absorbed by plants. The Ourkens is made of a thick aluminum plate which has better thermal conductivity, it’s easy to maintain and environmental friendly. The back side is made of a 2.5mm thick pad of paper and a waterproof material.

It also features a built-in three drive power. The LED grow light gives more than 50,000 lighting hours and comes with 2 years of quality assurance. It’s suitable for growing flowers, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, Dendrobium orchids etc. It’s also used in plant tissue culture. The package includes 1 led grow light, 1 cable with US plug and 1 Set Hanging Kits.

The 120 watt led grow lights are the game changer in the history of indoor lighting.