Top 5 Best 10 watt led grow light review (Updated 2020)

Best 10 watt led grow light

Ten Watt LED grow lights range from single bulbs strung together in arrays to light up a greenhouse to small lamps that provide supplementary lighting to desk plants. Here are the top 5 best LED grow lights on the market today. In each 10w led grow light review, we’ll discuss the intended uses for each light and its ideal application.

01.IDB Light Brand 10 Watt Grow Light

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This affordable little LED grow lamp comes with two, highly flexible grow lights. Each light can turn 360°. You can turn each light on and off, so you can get half or full light, based on the plant’s needs. The grow lights put out mostly red light, perfect for encouraging blooming, fruiting and leaf growth. This grow light does generate some blue light, so its use won’t leave plants weak or excessively woody.

You can use these lights to trick blooming plants into thinking it is still summer, so they continue to grow or delay autumn blooms. Or supplement the limited light coming in through that kitchen window, maximizing the yield of your window garden.

A 10w led grow light review wouldn’t be complete without admitting issues with the product. The light does generate some heat, so you don’t want the light right next to the plant. Keep it at least a foot from the plant. A distance of two feet provides better light dispersion.

This grow lamp uses two five watt bulbs, and replacement bulbs may be hard to find. This grow light weighs a little over a pound.


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02.Niello Brand 10 Watt Grow Lamp


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This grow lamp is similar in price to the IDB Light grow lamp. However, it has a few differences that make it worth mentioning aside from the fact it has only a single light. This grow lamp contains both blue and red LEDs. The light put out is roughly two thirds red spectrum and one third blue, an ideal mix for maximizing plant growth while still ensuring its health.

You can set the brightness level. And you can control the strength of each set of lights. For example, if you want to turn off the red lights and only generate blue light to improve stem production, you can do that. If you want to turn off the blue lights to maximize red light production, such as when you want to encourage seedlings, this LED grow lamp lets you do that.

Another benefit of this LED grow lamp is the fact that you can power it different ways. It comes with a standard wall plug. However, it also comes with a USB adapter, so you could power it through a laptop port, as well, such as when you want to generate more light for plants on your desk while you’re working on the computer.

The only downside is how much it heats up. In fact, the converter plug can get hot by itself, so don’t leave it plugged in for an extended period unsupervised.


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03.Superdream 10 Watt Grow Light

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This 10 Watt grow light is best used as part of an array of grow lights in a green house. This LED grow light is economical compared to incandescent and halogen lamps. It doesn’t put out UV or RF interference. It doesn’t generate much heat. It uses relatively little power and lasts up to 50,000 hours. Sixty percent of the light is red, while forty percent is blue.

The best selling point for this grow light is that it doesn’t need a special light. You can put it in a standard grow light fixture to light up a closet you’re using as a grow space. Note that it cannot be put in a standard overhead light fixture.

The LED light is very focused, so it will only work well for lighting a plant directly beneath it. It looks like a UV light but does not actually put out UV light.


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04.Hyshier Brand LED Grow Light



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This LED grow light by Hyshier stands out for the fact that it comes with three separate LED lights you can maneuver and place where necessary. And you can control each of the three lights separately, so you can have one, two or three lighting up problem areas of the same or different plants. The design lets you position the lights 360 ° around a single, smaller plant.

Unlike other LED grow lights on this list, it comes with a 24 hour mechanical timer, and you can set it with a specific schedule per day. If you want one light on all the time and the other only coming on early and late in the day to trick the plant into delaying colorful autumn blooms, this is the best LED grow light for you because it already has everything you need.

Each grow light puts out roughly 60% red light, 40% blue light. It uses relatively little energy.
This light does cost a little more than some of the other grow lights on this list.


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05.PPUNSON Brand Grow Light

While many grow lights advertise how little heat they generate, avoiding uneven temperatures in a grow tent or burning your plants on more than one account, sometimes you’re actually looking for a grow light that doubles as a heat source. The PPUNSON brand 10 watt grow light is perfect for these people. However, in this 10w led grow light review, we’ll address both the pros and cons of this particular product.

This grow light provides strong, mostly red light from two flexible heads. It also generates a decent amount of heat, perfect for keeping the plants in a chilly window box or cold window sill from shutting down from the cold. You can use this grow light on a sheltered balcony, though it shouldn’t be exposed to the pouring rain. You can operate each of the lights separately.

This LED light has six red LEDs and four blue LEDs. It is best for blooming plants or those that are growing new leaves. It is a good choice for stimulating seedling growth, especially if the space is otherwise too cold for it.
The downside of this product is how hard it is to get the manufacturer to honor their warranty or service the lamps, though there are complaints that the bulbs sometimes die soon after you bought it.

This light is not available now ,but you can choose this light. 


We hope that by reading our top 5 10w led grow light review list, you’ll be able to find the LED grow lights that work best for your needs. Yo can use these lights for single plants.